A first Privacy-Lookout ontology

We are pleased to inform you that our first version of the Privacy-Lookout Licenses Ontology can be downloaded :

This ontology is related to the Semantic Copyright one.

Feel free to leave us your comments on this ontology!

[new August 2013] We have made some minor changes on our ontology :

This ontology is built according to the schema :


The Privacy-Lookout project is starting on Internet!

While using modern applications, personal digital data is spread over hundreds of servers all around the world and users have very poor control over these data. To tackle this issue, based on the semantic Web, we are developing a framework, named Privacy-Lookout, to allow people to be on the lookout for transgressions of their personal data privacy. Concretely, we propose to construct a personal linked data view of individuals to organize and semantically enrich the meta information of their personal data existing in the Web. The main idea is to allow users to know if the information the Web posses about them respects their privacy principles.

This project aims to assist in monitoring the scattered Web resources. For this, we propose to build a system for monitoring and negotiation to ensure compliance resources.

If you want more information, please read our first paper  :

"Personal Linked Data: A Solution to Manage User's Privacy on the Web"
Patricia Serrano-Alvarado, Emmanuel Desmontils 
Atelier sur la Protection de la Vie Privée (APVP), Les Loges en Josas : France (2013) PDF

This project comes from the GDD team  at LINA (University of Nantes, France).
To contact us : contact at